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 Some herbs and magickal uses

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PostSubject: Some herbs and magickal uses   March 31st 2011, 3:49 am


bay leafs-For Mystical uses burn Bay Leaves as an incense to enhance psychic powers and for purification, exorcism and protection. Place under your pillow as you sleep to bring inspiration and visions in your dreams.

sea salt-Some uses of sea salts include cleansing, charging scrying mirrors, purification rituals, concecration ceremonies, grounding rituals, protection spells, circle casting, sacraments and softening bath water. Taken directly from the earth, there is nothing more natural than pure sea salt.

Star Anise-
Use Star Anise in protection and meditation incense or under a control fire, burn it raw and have it smolder and smoke in a cauldron. Use in the circle for protection during magical work. You can place star anise under the pillow to ward off bad dreams. Use in conjunction with bay leaves for purification bathing.

Calendula Flower-
is traditionally used for Health/Healing, Boosting Psychic Powers, Inducing Prophetic Dreams, Protection, & Help in Legal Matters. Place around your door to prevent evil from entering, scatter under your bed for protection and make dreams come true, or carry to help justice favor you in court.

Orange Peels- Use Peels in incense for love, good fortune, divination, balance, healing, harmony, peace, money and riches, Psychic awareness, Luck. A highly Solar scent, add essential oil to purification blends.

Chamomile- Chamomile is known as an herb of purification and protection, and can be used in incenses for sleep and meditation. Sprinkle it around your home to ward against psychic or magical attack.

St. John's Wort- to ensure protection against evil spirits, to ensure health and happiness, and even to provide strength.

Spearmint- Spearmint is used in all healing applications, especially in aiding lung diseases. Smelled, spearmint increases and sharpens mental powers. For protection while asleep, stuff a pillow or mattress with spearmint.

Avena sativa, or Oatstraw is one of the most common herbs found in folk medicine. Oatstraw Powder was used as a remedy for treating conditions such as nervous exhaustion, insomnia and over all stress related problems. Teas made from Oatstraw cut and sifted are thought to be a useful for rheumatic conditions along with water retention. Some also believe these natural herbs can help with the withdrawal from tobacco addiction. This particular medicinal herb is thought to be extremely nutritive and supportive of the body's nervous system. Oatstraw has long been thought of by herbalists to be one of the best herbs to build healthy bones, skin, hair and nails. While not a bona fide aphrodisiac, these dried herbs nourish the nerves and may make tactile sensations more pleasurable.

White Sage- Cleansing/purifying with sage is recommended whenever and wherever there is a need to remove any negative energies or spirits.

Blessed Thistle- Healing, Protection.

Oregano- can ward off bad vibrations.

Calamus Root-
Protection, Luck, Money Drawing, Harmony, Tranquility, Peace. Also used to Strengthen & Bind Spells.

Lavender- Sleep , long life , peace , wishes, visions.

Dandelion Leaf-
Invocations: The roots of dandelion grow deep into the earth. And anyone who's tried to eradicate this "weed" can attest to its seeming immortality. For these reasons, it is associated with Hecate and the Underworld. It is used in invocations to Hecate and Death deities, and

Air Elements: When blowing on a dandelion puff, it is said they would carry your wishes to your lover. It's characteristic puffball seed head associates this plant with the wind and air spirits.

Divination: Dandelions are known for their ability to increase psychic abilities and aid in divination. The dried leaves and roots can be burned as incense during divination, or in spells to increase divinatory abilites. The root of the plant can be dried, ground, and made into a tea for the same purpose.

Mugwort- Enhance Dreams , percipitate prophetic vision when used in conjunction with trance work.

Honeysuckle- Happiness, Money Drawing, Boosting Psychic Powers (stimulates 3rd Eye), Prosperity in Endeavors, Protection, Luck, Erotic Dreams.

Sheperds Purse-
Wisdom, Courage, Divination, Healing, Self-awareness and inner strength – works especially well for women that have difficulty standing up for themselves.. DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT or if you have a history of KIDNEY STONES.

Myrrh Resin- Exorcism, Health/Healing, Hex Breaking, Meditation, Protection, Purification, Spiritual Cleansing, Spirituality.

Mistletoe can be found figuring prominently in the folklore of the ancients of a great many cultures. In Greek Mythology, it is believed to be the Golden Bough of Aeneas, who was led from Troy by Venus to found Rome. In Norse mythology, Mistletoe was reportedly what killed Baldr, who was the god of light and beauty. Within Celtic and Druidic beliefs, mistletoe is often considered a remedy for the barrenness of animals, as well as a cure for poison, though, ironically, the berries of Mistletoe are poisonous. With leaves that stay green year-round and fruit that appears around the Celtic birth of the New Year, the Winter Solstice, it was frequently used in Druidic rites involving the holiday, and grew into a symbol of immortality. Later Christians also held that Mistletoe was a tree that furnished the cross, and then shriveled after the crucifixion, and becoming a parasitic vine. Aside from these traditions, it has also been known in spells and rituals where it is used to produce an aphrodisiac effect, or aid in fertility and love. It has also been held as a sacred form of protection that can help produce prophetic visions.

In Europe, the leaves and twigs are rather popular among herbalists in treating circulatory and respiratory system problems. Some also prescribe treatments of mistletoe where it is said to help with hypertension and epilepsy, as well as menstrual problems, hemorrhage, and headache. Ingestion is typically discouraged, however, as mistletoe can be poisonous, depending on what variety of mistletoe is used and where it grows.

Star Anise- growth, legal matters, luck, Psychic Powers, money, prosperity, settling legal matters, and spirituality.

Clove Buds-
Money: Like many "spicy" herbs, cloves are wonderful for use in prosperity and money spells. They work by attracting wealth, and increasing opportunities.
Increasing Magick: Cloves attract magick and increase psychic sensitivity. Ground cloves may be used in incense designed for increasing psychic awareness, but a tea from cloves is also very effective.
Aphrodisiacal: This spicy herb is said to increase the blood flow and the libido. A tea made of cloves and cinnamon, or chewing whole cloves, is a wonderful way to increase the energies used during sex magick.

Sage Leaf- Uses include tonic; antiperspirant; wounds; digestion; muscle/joint pain; gargle; colds/fever; preservative; wisdom; money; healing; longevity; protection; sacred ritual.

White Willow Bark- Love, Love Divination, Protection, Healing.

Damiana- Lust infusions and spells, Psychic Dreamwork, Sex Magick, Lust, Love, Visions, Clairvoyance Aid.

Fennel Seed- Protection, Healing, Purification. Imparts strength, vitality, sexual virility; prevents curses, possession and negative problems; aids digestion and weight loss; relieves gas.

Fenugreek Seeds- Imparts strength, vitality, sexual virility, protection, prevents curses, possession and negative problems.

Comfey- Safe travel, Money , healing and honoring crone aspect of goddess.

Rosehips- Cat magic, familiars, joy, friendship, love.

Rosemary- burn rosemary to rid a home of negative energy, or as an incense while you meditate. Hang bundles on your front door to keep harmful people, like burglars, from entering. Stuff a healing poppet with dried rosemary to take advantage of its medicinal properties, or mix with juniper berries and burn in a sickroom to promote healthy recovery. In spellwork, rosemary can be used as a substitute for other herbs such as frankincense.

Hawthorn Berries- Hawthorn is the classic flower to decorate a maypole. An herb of fertility, it finds its place in weddings, May Day celebrations, and ritual groves. Beltaine was once reckoned as the day the hawthorn first bloomed. Wands made of hawthorn have great power. The blossoms are highly erotic. Use for Fertility magic, Protection, Defense and Chastity. Hawthorn is sacred to the fairies, and is part of the tree fairy triad of Britain "Oak, Ash and Thorn" and where all three trees grow together it is said that one may see fairies.

Rose Petals- Passionate Love Divination, Luck, Health/Healing.

Lemongrass- Lust, passion, psychic awareness and development, purification rituals.

Chaparral Leaf- Native to the Southwestern parts of US and Mexico, Chaparrel Leaf has long been used among Native Americans to treat arthritis, respiratory ailments, and even cancer. Interestingly, the plant produces a sap that keeps other plants from growing near itself, and while the branches may wither or fall off, the crown rarely dies and sometimes reproduces itself. Indeed, an example in California is believed by some to be well over 11,000 years old. For these qualities it was often revered within local lore, and the Southwestern Native Americans often used the sap as a sunscreen, and the plant in general as a treatment for assorted ailments, including blood poisoning, and liver disease. They also used to the leave to brew a tea that they would use to rid the body of parasites. Modern herbalists see it most commonly as an expectorant, of great use in treating respiratory issues like asthma, bronchitis, and the coughing symptoms of the common cold. Chaparrel Leaf has also been shown to possess antioxidant qualities, believed to help destroy the particles that destroy cells and possibly cause cancer. Studies have been conducted that show the leaf to aid in restricting cancerous growth. While the leaf possesses a great many positive qualities, it has been shown to occasionally react poorly with the liver, and you should discontinue use if you experience nausea, fever, fatigue, or Jaundice while using the herb. This is a 2 oz packet of cut Chaparrel Leaf.

Cinnamon- Purification, Wealth & Prosperity, Passion, Psychic Awareness, Protection and Creativity.

Vanilla- fantastic when used in spells and rituals involving lust or seeking to enhance or awaken mental powers.

Gotu Kola- Use in meditation incenses. Burn a small amount prior to ( but not during) meditation.

Lemon Balm- lemon balm can be used to influence love. Soak the herb in wine for several hours, strain and share with a friend. Or, carry the herb with you to find love.It is very powerful for use in magickal healing and is used in many healing incenses and sachets. Also it is used in spells to ensure success.

Cedarwood- Healing, purification, unhex.

Flax Seed- Used for money spells. Also useful in healing and protection spells.

Galangal Root- Uses include cleansing system; treats flatulence, colic; take at onset of colds; eases sore throat; stimulates saliva; aphrodisiac; to win at court; doubles money; psychic; hex breaking; sex magick.

Cumin Seeds-
Protection, Fidelity, Exorcism,Anti-Theft.

Lemon Verbena- Feminine, Attracts Love, Purifies Area. Often sold simply as "Verbena" This full lemon-scented essential oil is wonderful in love blends. Added to other mixtures to increase their strength, and is also used to purify an area or is added to bathwater for protection and purification purposes. Lemon Verbena is worn to make oneself attractive to the opposite sex, and is used in love spells and mixtures.

Lily Flower- associated with all kinds of Spring connections -- fertility, rebirth, renewal and abundance.

Eucalyptus Leaf-
Magical uses of Eucalyptus include:

carrying the leaves for protection,

use in poppets for health and healing,

ring a green candle with the leaves for healing magic,

burn as incense during healing spells.

Eucalyptus (also known as the Blue Gum Tree) is a Feminine herb, its ruling planet is the Moon and its ruling element is Water.

White Oak- Protection, Health, Money, Healing, Potency, Fertility and Luck.

Also known as Catmint and its Latin name of Nepeta Cataria, Catnip is actually the broad name for over 250 flowering species of plants that belong to the genus of Nepeta. Originally from Mediterranean regions, Catnip has since become common throughout North America, and is famous for the effects it has on cats. In two thirds of all cats, catnip induces a state of euphoria, often resulting in them acting rather off the wall and crazy, frequently in manners that are entirely impossible to predict. The remaining third of cats are actually completely immune to this effect, and have no observed reaction to the herb. Interestingly, some people also experience a much milder version of this euphoria, and it is sometimes employed in spiritual and magickal purposes to help find this state of mind or help forge a psychic bond with animals. Today, it is most commonly found in cat toys around the world, but catnip tea has also been found to be quite beneficial in treating colds, fevers, and other infections. Some studies also suggest that it is soothing for upset stomachs and may possibly be helpful in preventing morning sickness in pregnant women. Catnip has also been shown to be employed successfully in a mosquito repellant when applied to the skin in a variety of lotions and ointments.

Scullcap- When used in rituals and spells, skullcap magical herb is best suited for psychic based spells, dreaming, clairvoyance, divination, meditation, and other rituals and spells involving the use of the mind.

Valerian- Purification, and protection, ward of evil.

Kelp Powder- Travel, Protection.

Allspice Berries- Money, Luck, Healing.

Caraway Seeds- The caraway serves as protection against Lilith, as well as all manner of evil spirits, entities and plain old negativity. It is often carried for this purpose. Any object which holds caraway seeds is theft-proof.The seeds are also used to encourage fidelity, and are placed in sachets and talismans to attract a mate. When baked into cookies, breads or cakes they are lust-inducing. Chewing the seeds is helpful to gain the love of one you desire.They also strengthen the memory and a small bag of the seeds placed in a childs bed protects it from illness.

Coriander Seed- Love, Health, Healing.

Nettle- The protective powers of the nettle have long been used in magick. To remove a curse and send it back, stuff a poppet with nettle, or carry some in a sachet. Also, sprinkle nettle around the house to keep evil out and to send it back. Nettle is also thrown onto a fire to avert danger, held in the hand to ward off ghosts, carried with yarrow to allay fear, and worn as an amulet to keep negativity far away. Nettle has sometimes been used as a lust-inducing herb,and contemporary Mexican spiritualists recommend its use in purification baths because it is more 'carniverous' than other herbs, and so will work more efficiently.

Thyme- Thyme can be used in healing rituals, or to bring about restful sleep. Women who wear thyme on their person are irresistable to men, and carrying sprigs in your pocket aids in developing your psychic abilities. Burn some thyme to help boost your courage before confrontations.

Elder Berries- powerful aid in warding off evil influence, as well as curses and spells intended to do harm. Shakespeare even wrote of it, speaking of it as a symbol of grief, perhaps due to many Christian beliefs that Judas was hung from an Elder Tree in his grief, as well as that the Cross of Calvary was made of Elder wood.

Jasmine Buds- Love, Money and Prophetic Dreams.

Frankincense Resin- Consecration, Exorcism, Protection, Purification, Sets Sacred Space, Sets Safe Space for Guides to come in, Spirit of East or North.

In Renaissance-era Europe, hyssop was typically used as an air freshener in the same manner as we potpourri today. It was common to strew crushed hyssop leaves and flowers of around the house, particularly in sickrooms, to hide unpleasant smells - after all, daily bathing was hardly popular. Eventually, when bathing became more common, hyssop was still used in sickrooms because of its healing properties.

Hung up in the home, hyssop can rid a house of negativity. Add it into a sachet or water to infuse or sprinkle on people in need of purification.

Juniper berries- exorcism ,warding off evil and protection.

Hibiscus Flower- soothes nerves; antispasmodic; itchy skin; stomach problems; sweeten breath; attract love/lust; divination; dreams.

Ginger Root- love, money, success.

Copal Resin- love and purification.

Basil- Magically, basil can be used in love incense and in love divination. Scott Cunningham says in his Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs that two basil leaves placed on a live coal will give you an indicator about the state of your relationship: if they burn to ash quickly, the marriage will be harmonious, but if they crackle and hiss, your marriage will be disruptive.

Rasberry Leaf-
Love, Protection,Used for healing.

Licorice Root- lust, passion, fidelity. Licorice is added to love and lust sachets, carried to attract love and used in spells to ensure fidelity.

Peppermint- Magically speaking, peppermint is often used in healing and purification workings. It can be burned or rubbed against objects to clear them of negative energies, or consumed as an elixir or tea to bring about healing. Pliny also noted that peppermint "exites the emotion of love"; add it to love workings to bring passion your way.

Strength, Protection. Pennyroyal placed in a shoe will prevent weariness on long walks and hikes, or journeys. Pennyroyal is also added to protection and exorcism incenses. It aids in making favorable business deals. Pennyroyal leaves are given to arguing couples to cease their fighting and restore harmony in the relationship.

Milfoil- love, clairvoiance, exorcism.

Dragons Blood resin-
Burn Dragons Blood resin for love, protection, exorcism, and sexual potency. Use for Courage, Magical Power, Energy, Strength, Purification, Changes, Determination, Cleansing.

Myrrh Resin-
Exorcism, Health/Healing, Hex Breaking, Meditation, Protection, Purification, Spiritual Cleansing, Spirituality
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Some herbs and magickal uses
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