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PostSubject: Introduction   March 31st 2011, 4:13 am


A long time ago, humans were created to be caretakers of the garden -- Mother Earth. They held all things of creation sacred. The people respected Nature and understood they were only a small part of the whole circle of life. Humans knew each part of creation played a significant role in the contentment and survival of the other. They accepted the divine idea that all things were equal and no animal, including man, held dominion over other parts of creation.

Humankind knew if they attempted to conquer Mother Earth, they would bring great suffering upon themselves. Man knew that Nature was not ‘wild’ and hostile but was a benevolent friend. Then, by a twist of organized religious dogma, many began to think humans are the greatest and most important part of creation and they saw Nature as ‘fallen’ and sinful. Man has attempted to divorce ourselves from Nature to the detriment of all creation.

American Indians, also known as the People of the Land, traditionally and historically hold a special knowledge of the land and its inhabitants. Intimate knowledge of the world surrounding the American Indian was possible because of a belief system that considered all things of creation equal and necessary, worthy of respect and honor.

The results of our belief system is tremendously beneficial to the world. We gave the world knowledge of a form of government now enjoyed by people of the United States – democracy. American Indians first domesticated over half of today’s world food resources. A vast majority of the world’s pharmacopoeia (healing medicine) came from American Indian tremendous knowledge of the plant kingdom. Our knowledge of plant medicine, healing stones, healing clay, and animal wisdom is unmatched in among any people in history.

Although there are over five hundred American Indian tribes, speaking more than one-hundred and fifty languages, there exists universal beliefs that transcend ethnic, cultural and geographic boundaries.

Common among those traditional teachings are the basic beliefs that we should:

Never take more than we need;

Thank Creator for what we have or what we will receive;

Use all of what we have;

Give away what we do not need.

American Indians know to respect Nature and kill only what we eat and use every part of the animal. We do not waste life nor disrespect their spirits but honor and thank them for providing us with life and comfort. We ask our spirit guides to lead us to the spirit of the animal we killed for food so that we may pray in thanksgiving to its spirit. We honor their cousins by leaving a gift where the animal fell.

Today, as in the old days, American Indians give special recognition to the power of the animal spirits. We wear their skins and feathers in ceremony and dance. We paint them on our bodies and carry parts of them in our medicine bags. We paint the animals on our homes and wear animal fetishes.

These practices allow us to remain connected to the animal guides so they may teach us their powers and give as lessons of life. These acts remind us that all things in creation are our brothers, sisters, cousins, and more importantly, our teachers and friends. As humans, we too are animal spirits.

American Indians view all things in creation as having spiritual energy. All things are connected and worthy of our respect and reverence. Our way is to seek balance and harmony within the complex tapestry of life called the Great Circle of Life. As we move within the circle, we emphasize these truths:

Everything on earth is alive;

Everything on earth has purpose;

Everything on earth is connected;

Everything on earth is to be embraced.

A principal tenant of our belief is that all things are connected and we are related to all things in the circle.

All things on Earth Mother and all things in the Universe are capable of being Spirit Guides. Why? Because the Spirit of the Creator is in all things.

Each thing on Earth Mother and each thing in the Universe has its own particular appearance, traits and other distinguishing qualities. In a general way, we can draw certain lessons from these traits and qualities for each object or thing in the universe. We do not and should not attach a particular "meaning" to these things as to do so would be like creating spiritual dogma or doctrine -- and this is something that is a big no, no.

(Organized religions are quite comfortable and totally dependent on man's written dogma or doctrine for their survival and faith. We call this regimentation "Spiritual Thought Boxes" because there is little or no room for individual divine revelation found within the confines of a controlling dogma. Nearly the opposite is found within American Indian beliefs that allow for infinite meanings and interpretations that we call "Spiritual Freedom." In the same way every thing of creation is different from all other things, so it is with our spiritual beliefs - founded within the uninhibited nature of all Creation.)

Therefore, we caution you: Statements made below about the traits, habits and particular distinguishing qualities of various animals, are in no way intended to give a human definition or meaning to other spiritual entities, objects or things. Messages of this nature can only come to the individual through the Creator.

Some say knowledge of the natural power of animal guides has been lost. This is not so. Many people think animals are not spiritual – having no spirit or soul. Most think animals are less intelligent than humans, savage and without society or conscience. This is not so.

It is said that man once spoke with the animals; however, man lost this ability and other powers when he placed himself above the animals as master of the earth having dominion over all things.

Truly, the intellect of animal is different from that of man. Animals are taught differently and speak in different ways. When intelligence is measured in human terms, the animal does not fair well, but if the test were reversed, humans would fail to measure up to animal standards.

Animals know the time and place to migrate, but man cannot find his way without a compass or the stars. Animals live well without the need of tools or weapons. Man cannot. Animals are happy and contented in their environment. Man is not. Animals live among their families all their lives. Man does not. Animals have found the right way to live with their limitations and skills without rancor or strife. Man has not.
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