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PostSubject: CHILDREN'S PAGAN ACTIVITIES   March 31st 2011, 5:32 am


1. Classroom Witch Doll- By a plastic witch doll (at Halloween they are easy to find). Make costumes for her that you can change with the wheel of the year. We keep her clothes in a fancy box.. When the wheel moves she gets a new change of clothes, including accessories. This is similar to how some daycares have a goose they dress up.
* This is a great opener for talking about the wheel of the year. A great book for families on this subject is Circle Round by starhawk.

2. Recyclying- gather art supplies from recycled things. Being pagan to me means being green. I had a 3rd grade teacher who had a wonderful art corner in her classroom that was filled with recycled products. Such as toilet paper tubes, bottle tops, styrofome peanuts and such.

3. Story hour- stick to myths from various cultures. About Gods and Goddess and fables that teach good moral caliber.
* for older kids make them do the research on myths. It’s a great opportunity for reading, spelling and for writing you can have them write their own myths.

4. Songs- pagan chants and rounds.

5. Alphabet- with animals. Teach basics of the animals power as a totem or power animal. Have the kids find what animal is their favorite and then make masks out of recyled products such as cereal boxes.
*older children can use the internet and library to research the animals of the alphabet. I am a big fan of environmental awareness and protection of animals so this is one that can go a long way. A good book on animal totems is Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, he also has another animal book called Animal Wise. There are excercises in the book as well.

6. Cut apples in half and make prints.

7. Classroom alter-teach about what sacred means. Allow kids to place special things on the alter, such as a picture of a relative who they miss or a birds feather. Change the alter with the seasons. You may want to have the classroom witch sitting on the alter.

8. Ostra- Have kids draw runes and make an egg mobile from blown eggs for the classroom or for them to take home.
*When discussing runes you can touch on Norse mythology, the continent, its geography, history and modern culture. Runes were used as a form of writing as well as being used in magic and divination. Therefore you can touch on language.

9. Beltane-animal masks and fancy dress party.
*This is something they can prepare ahead of time, and perhaps they would be interested in teaching mask making (the cardboard animal one is fun) or assisting you with mask making @ the festival therefore giving them a chance to work as teachers.

10. Imagination-lots of costumes and puppets. Teach them the power of imagination as it is a wonderful power in magic and prayer.

11. Yule swap-kids must give something they have made or previously owned. Try to play down the commercialization of our country.
* again as pagans it is our responsibility to live wisely, and protect the environment.

12. Runes- teach them how to spell their names in runes. As well as other magical languages.

13. Runes-have an oversized bag of runes in the classroom, and have one student draw a rune each day, then study that rune.

14. Guided meditation/story hour. Instead of just reading from a book have the children lay down on mats, close their eyes and imagine that they are the main character of the book.
*there are some great books on guided meditation for children out there. Another possibility is to have them take turns guiding the meditaion.

15. Elements- pretend to be a tree, the wind, a river, fire etc…
*take small field trips into nature, to observe the elements at work.

16. books worth checking out-
17. *Moonbeams meditations, environmental learning for life, book of wizardcraft, Circle round, Animal wise, Animal speak,.. Mountaind, meadows and moonbeams a childs spiritual reader, Celebrating the great mother.

18. have a bulletin board like they do in primary classrooms with the day of the week month and date on it. But add the phase of the moon, up coming pagan holidays and information about it. Example-make a cut out of an apple basket at mabon and kids can write their name on apple cutouts and decorate and color them. Or they can draw a picture on it or something that makes them feel comfortable. Add birth signs to the bulletin board, have all the kids born in Gemini put their names in that section..discuss the astrological signs in the basest of terms.

19. Medival flags- make flags out of old sheets with tree branches or dowels, kids can decorate them with markers and take them home to hang on their bedroom door.

20. teach them how to catch their control with breath. This works great if someone is angry or hurt. Have them breath with you for a 5 count of deep breaths in and out. Explain how the air is connected to communication, and when we breath deeply of it, it helps us to listen better and calm down.

21. Paint the classroom to look like you are out in nature. Paint the ceiling to look like the sky light blue with clouds..maybe a tree on the wall. Or decorate the classroom with posters of endangered species.

22. During quiet time play nature sounds for musical background. When quiet time is done have the children take turns telling you what noises stuck out to them, or what the sounds made them think of.

23. Have circle time with a talking stick/wand to teach that everyone s’ voice is important and that we must take turns.

24. Bring nature in- leaves, pinecones, shells, river rocks, feathers etc., and teach about recycling so that children grow up to be good stewerts of the land

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