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PostSubject: TALK TO THE ANIMALS   March 31st 2011, 4:11 am


Man has long attempted to reestablish communication with animals while trying to teach apes, dolphins and other animal species sign language and human sounds of speech. Why? Why do they try to make them walk up a mountain backwards? Animals do not possess the physical or mental ability for human speech, so why do they try? If humans are so intelligent, would it not make more sense for humans to learn animal speech?

Thinking in this way, we must realize many animals do not always communicate between themselves and other species through sound. We must remember, animals also communicate by touch, smell, and body movement, as well as sound.

There are two other forms of animal communication. The first is sub-spirit or psychic (mental) telepathy and the second is spirit. American Indians use these two methods as well as the other more physical forms of communication to talk with animal guides.

This presentation focuses on the two latter forms of communication as we suggest the meaning of various animal guides (totems) in human terms. The animal spirit guides presented here are but a small sampling of the hundreds of animal spirit guides that exist in Nature.

Animals have an instinctual awareness of human personality and moods. It is often said that animals can ‘smell’ human fear. To the best of our knowledge, this notion has never been scientifically proven, however anyone who has ever worked with animals extensively knows this axiom to be correct. Animals not only ‘smell’ the single emotion of fear, but can also discern a broad spectrum of human emotions and personalities. How is this possible without direct communication?

It is our opinion that animals do not ‘smell’ human emotions, but instead possess a form of ancient mental telepathy or method of thought transference not understood by modern man. Animals do communicate with man by receiving mental messages and they carry this ability with them in spirit as they die.

Communicating with animal spirit guides is not easy. Animals have a different consciousness and perceive things differently than humans. In her excellent book, "The Magical Lore of Animals", Yvonne Aburrow says, " is important not to anthropomorphize animals [ascribing human form or attributes to a being or thing not human]. They are sentient beings, but they have a different consciousness from our own. When dealing with animals, therefore, one should never assume that they are exactly the same as a human; nor, conversely, treat them like an inanimate thing..." Thus, some messages from an animal spirit guides may be confusing, if not impossible to understand without considerable practice and patience.



We use the terms ‘animal spirit guides’ and ‘animal totems’ interchangeably here, as we refer to either physical or spiritual manifestations from a general or individualized viewpoint. Our personal preference is to use the term ‘animal spirit guide’ as it more closely describes an American Indian practice and the latter is often connected with Eastern European shamanism.

We also occasionally hear the terms spirit totem, power animal, and spirit animal used to describe an entity that can be either physical or spirit that acts as a guide, messenger or protector. fallible

An important thing to remember: A spirit guide is not necessarily an animal. A spirit guide can be anything in Creation that speaks to a person through dreams, physical appearance, magnetic resonance (vibration); or by signs, symbols, words, or any other method or means of communication. A spirit guide can be clouds in the sky or the wind; it could be a horse or a caterpillar; it could be an ancestor or other human form; it could be anything that speaks to you -- to the heart and soul. It is more comfortable for many people to call a spirit guide an angel.

A spirit guide is a divine entity. To believe this is to acknowledge and accept the power and glory of the Creator of All Things that may take on any form, at any time, for any purpose.

Regardless of the proliferation of hundreds web sites and books that associate "birth totems" or some other weird concoction such as "animal spirit cards" or "medicine cards" with American Indian belief systems, there is none and never has been any such association. Purveyors of so-called birth totems combine our belief in animal spirits with astrology and assign various animal spirit guides to a particular birth date of the individual. Animal spirit cards also assign an animal spirit to the individual by the chance shuffle of the cards. Both of these practices have no basis in American Indian religious beliefs.

An animal spirit guide is not and cannot be chosen by the individual. (See Finding Your Animal Totem below) These 'games' do not work and they give their victims false impressions that may lead a sincere person far astray from their goal of connecting with animal spirits to help them in their walk in life. Yes, the games are cute and interesting but the vendors are replacing spiritual beliefs with modern plastic and disrespect ancient ways in the process of making money.

There is at least on major "psychic" website that says, "...Spirit guides are often attributed to giving gut feelings and intuition about people or situations..." and the way to connect with a spirit guide is through "...some meditation sessions, this will allow your body and mind to become receptive and open communication channels..."

This is pure New Age mumbo-jumbo, poppy-cock. First, the psychic website fails to acknowledge and accept the omnipotence of God in the process of creating and empowering the Spirit Guide. Second, they give all the power to humans who will invent and control the Spirit through psychic "gut feelings and intuition." A true Spirit Guide is divine and sacred. It's power, wisdom and actions stem solely from the Holy Spirit of God.

To believe otherwise is an exercise in vanity -- narcissism and a grievous error. The error is allowing oneself to be guided, not by the Spirit of God, but by a human-flawed supposition usually spawned by vanity or other emotional responses.
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