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 crystal stones and enrgy to work with guide

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PostSubject: crystal stones and enrgy to work with guide   March 31st 2011, 3:51 am

Crystal Type of Energy to work with

A Agate, Blue Lace The Calming Stone
Agate, Botswana The Aloneness Remedy Stone
Agate, Desert Peach The 'Accepting What Is' Stone
Agate, Fire The Fear Purger Stone
Agate, Green Tree The Elemental's Stone
Agate, Snake The Worry Remedy Stone
Agate, Turitella The Past Life Stone
Ajoite in Chrysocolla The Divine Feminine Stone
Amazonite The Stone of Personal Expression
Amazonite, Lovestruck The Stone of Personal Expression

Amethyst The Stone of Mastering Change
Amethyst, Australia The Cultural Independence Stone

Amethyst, Jewel The Stone of Accepting Wealth
Amethyst, Maraba The Stone of Accepting Change
Ametrine, Bolivian The Stone of Clearing & Change
Angelite, Light Blue The Angel Guardian Stone
Apache Tears The Personal Protection Stone
Apatite, Blue The Stone of Service
Aquamarine The Stone of Truth
Aquamarine, blue The Stone of Truth
Aquamarine w Goethite The Stone of Truth Awakening
Aragonite The Anger Remedy Stone
Astrophyllite The Star Seed Stone
Apophyllite Pyramide The Interdimentional Traveller Stone

Aventurine, Green The Emotional Balancer Stone
Aventurine, Pink The Stone for Decision to Love
Aventurine, Red The Stone for 'Decision to Love'
Aventurine, White The White Hot Anger Remedy Stone
Azurite The Mental Purger Stone
Azurite-Chrysocolla The Stone of Balanced Transformation

B Beryl, Ocean Green The Stone of Emotional Truth
Beryl, Silver Black The Earth Star Communicator Stone
Bloodstone The Blood Energizer Stone
Bronzite, Mahogany The Courtesy Stone
Bytownite (rough Gold Labradorite) The Forgetfulness Remedy Stone

C Calcite, Blue The Stress Remedy Stone
Calcite, Coral The Joy Stone
Calcite, Gold The Manifesting 'Now' Stone
Calcite, green The Stone of Healing our Heart Ache
Calcite, Mangano The Heart Ache Healing Stone
Calcite, Orange The Creativity Booster Stone
Calcite, Optical The Being in Clarity Stone
Calcite, Orchid Orange The 'Lucid Dream Come True’ Stone
Calcite, Pink Mangano The Terror Remedy Stone
Carnelian The Creativity Stone
Chalcedony, Blue The Effectivety Booster Stone
Charoite, Russian The Spiritual Purger Stone
Chrysocolla / Gemsilica The Feminine Balance Stone
Chrysoprase The Stone of Courage
Citrine The Clearing Stone
Cloudberry Garnet The Charisma Stone
Copper Combo The Emotional Mastery Stone
Copper Native The Harmony Connection Stone
Coral, Fossilized The Emotional Flow Stone
Covellite The Mind Detox Stone

D Danburite The Spirit Heart Stone
Dumortierite The Stubbornness Remedy Stone

E Emerald, Green The Heart & Love Stone
Emerald, Peach The Divine Mother Stone
Emerald, Pink The Cosmic Heart Centre Stone
Epidote, Green The Destructive Behavior Remedy
Eudialyte TheThe Anger Management stone

F Feldspar, Gold The Masculine Presence Stone
Flint, Light Banded The Spiritual Grounding Stone
Fluorite, Angel Green The Mental Clarity Stone
Flint, Light Banded The Spiritual Grounding Stone
Fluorite, banded The Mental Clarity Stone
Fluorite, Purple The Study Stone
Fluorite, green & purple The Brain Fog Stones (used together)

G Garnet, Deep Red The Vibrant Body Stone
Garnet, Green Grossular The Fair Banking Stone
Garnet, Olive Green The Passion for Health Stone
Garnet, Spessartine The Charisma Stone
Gem Silica in Chrysocolla The Feminine Wisdom Stone
Goetite in Aquamarine The Stone of Truth Awakening

H Hawkseye, Blue The Male Balancer Stone
Hematite The Grounding Stone
Hemimorphite The Despair Remedy Stone
Herkimer Diamond The Attunement Stone

I Idocrase, Amber Gold The 'Sexual Frustration' Remedy Stone
Idocrase, Green & Pink The Temper Tantrum Remedy Stone

J Jade The Heart Path Stone
Jade, Chilean Lemurian The 'Mother Archetype' Stone
Jade, Green Botryoidal The Heart Path Stone
Jade, Lemurian (black Jade with Pyrite) The Stone of "Wisdom of the Ancestral Past"
Jade, Peru The Stone of the "Path to the Heart"
Jasper, Garry Green The Stone of the Sensitive Heart
Jasper, Mookite The' Earth-Changes Attunement' Stone
Jasper, Ocean The Relaxation Stone
Jasper, Red The Nurturing Stone
Jasper, Yellow The Stone for Body Care
Jet, Black The Addiction Remedy Stone

K Kabamba Stone The Spiritual Confidence Stone
Kunzite, Pink The Love Commitment Stone
Kyanite, Blue The Mental Fog Removal Stone

L Labradorite The Magic Stone
Labradorite, Golden The Crown Connection Stone
Lapis Lazuli, Royal Blue The Stone of Wisdom
Lapis Lazuli, Andean Indigo The Stone of Wisdom
Larimar The Dolphin Stone
Larvikite The 'Impossible Obstacle' Remedy
Lepidolite The Mental Balancer Stone
Lepidolite, Gem Wands The Mental Director Stone
Lepidolite, lavender The Mental Balancer Stone
Loadstone The Stone of Grounded Direction

M Magenta Stone The Love Unity Stone
Malachite, Green The Emotional Purger Stone
Mica in Quartz, Clear The Past Life Review Stone
Moonstone The Feminine Stone
Moonstone, Angeldust The Feminine Acceptance Stone
Moonstone, blue flash The Stone of the Unknown Future
Moonstone, peach The Feminine Rejuvenation Stone
Moonstone, Silversheen The Feminine Reflection Stone
Moonstone, Softsheen The Feminine Beauty Stone

O Obsidian, Galaxy- The Stone of Etheric Connection
Obsidian, Mahogany The Pain Remedy Stone
Obsidian, Rainbow The Journey Protection Stone
Obsidian, Snowflake The 'Serenity in Chaos' Stone
Onyx, Black Ovums The 'Back to the Beginnings' Stone
Opal, Pink The Heart Journey Stone

P Peridot, Chartreuse The Humor Stone
Petalite, Clear White The Spirit Guide Stone
Petrified Wood The Stone of Patience
Picasso Stone The Artist's Inspiration Stone
Pietersite, Blue The Tempest Stone
Pietersite, Red The Physical Purger Stone
Prase, Blue Green The Mental Stillness Stone
Prasiolite, Yellow Green The Brain Activator Stone
Prehnite The Personal Journey Stone
Prehnite, Mali The Shamanic Journey Stone
Pyrite The Poverty Remedy Stone
Pyrite, Cubic The Mind Balancer Stone
Pyrite, Dodeca The Stone of Love & Abundance
Pyrite, Nodules The Poverty Remedy Stone

Q Quartz, Cathedral The Lightbrary Crystal
Quartz, Elestial The Core Insight Crystal
Quartz, Clear Girasol The Chaos Remedy Stone
Quartz, Peach The Daughter Stone
Quartz, Rutillated The Naval Energy Charger Stone
Quartz, Shadow The Witness Stone
Quartz, Smokey The Gentle Balancer Stone
Quartz, Snow The Lesson Learning Stone
Quartz, Strawberry The Love Elixir Stone
Quartz, Tantric Twin The Divine Relationship Crystal
Quartz, Tourmalinated The Stone of Clarity And Grounding

R Rhodochrosite The Inner Child Stone
Rhodonite The Hate Remedy Stone
Rhyolite, Rainforest The Forest Elemental's Stone
Rock Crystal The Meditation & Attunement Stone
Rosequartz The Self Love Stone
Rosequartz, Girasol The 'Self-Created Chaos' Remedy Stone
Ruby Crystals The Passion Stone
Ruby in Fuchsite The Spirit Alignment Stone
Ruby in Zoisite The Passion and Beauty Stone
Rutile in Quartz The Energy Booster Stone

S Sacred 5, 6 & 7 The All Chakra Stones
Sapphire crystals The Higher Mind Stone
Seraphinite The Divine Matrix Aligner Stone
Sodalite, Blue The Logic Stone
Smokey Quartz The Root Balancer Stone
Sodalite, blue The Stone of Logic
Spirit Caves The Earth Mystery Stone
Stramatolite The ‘Living with Feelings’ Stone
Sugilite The War Remedy Stone
Sugilite, Purple The War Remedy Stone
Sunstone The New Beginnings Stone
Sunstone, rough The Chakra Brightener Stone

T Tanzanite, blue The Stone of Immortal Beauty
Tektite, East Asian The New Ways Instigator Stone
Tigereye, blue The Male Balancer Stone
Tigereye, Multicolor The Activity Balancer Stone
Tigereye, Red The Root Strenghtener Stone
Tigereye, Yellow The Stone of Strength
Topaz, blue The Justice Stone
Topaz, Clear The Stone of Releasing Judgment
Topaz, Hematoid Silver The Discernment Stone
Topaz, Imperial Golden The Abundance Stone
Topaz, Silver The Judgment Release Stone
Tourmaline, Black The Negativity Remedy Stone
Tourmaline, Green The Power Infusion Stone
Tourmaline, dark green The Depletion Remedy Stone
Tourmaline, Light Pink The Love Activator Stone
Tourmaline, Cherry Red The Heart Activator Stone
Tourmaline, Red & Green The Love of Harmony Stone
Tourmaline, Red & Pink The Physical Mastery Stone
Tourmaline in Quartz, Bl. The Negativity Remedy Stone
Tourmaline in Quartz, Blue The Voice Activation Stone
Turquoise The Master Healer Stone

U Unakite, Green-Pink The Stone of Birth
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crystal stones and enrgy to work with guide
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