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 Fire,Water,Air,Earth,Akasha/Spirit Element-put together by white trinity witch

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PostSubject: Fire,Water,Air,Earth,Akasha/Spirit Element-put together by white trinity witch   March 31st 2011, 3:47 am


is sometimes known as the living element. It is perhaps the most ancient symbol of divinity. Fire is a living principle of duality, providing light and heat to aid humankind, while at the same time being a force of death and destruction. The eternal flame is a common theme in ancient Mystery Cults and typically represents the eternal presence of Divinity. Among the ancient Greeks, Hestia symbolized the divine living flame, as did Vesta among the Romans.

The ancients believed that fire could lie hidden in a piece of wood. By rubbing two pieces together the fire could often be coaxed from the wood. Once fire was produced the ancients often transported the flame on the end of a giant fennel stick, a custom that later associated fennel with the forces of light. The connection of fire as the living spirit latent in wood drew worshippers to establish and maintain sanctuaries for their deities within the forests, long after the creation of towns and cities. According to ancient legend, statues of deities were encased in a bundle of branches and transported to a new location when another sacred grove was to be established. In this manner the "fire" of the deities' spirit was conveyed from grove to grove.

In modern Wicca, Fire is one of the four creative elements. It is traditionally linked to the colour red, although this does differ among the various traditions. As a magickal agent the element of fire is symbolized by a ritual tool. Some traditions assign elemental Fire to the ritual blade because the blade was forged in Fire. Other traditions assign it to the wand because of the use of wood as a torch. In astrology the zodiac sign Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are associated with Fire.

Aries, Leo & Sagittarius are all of the Fire Element.

Below is a table that gives you details on your Fire Element.

Direction - South

Season - Summer

Time of Day - Noon

Moon Phase - First Quarter

Planets - Mars & Pluto

Magickal Tools - Candles, Lanterns & Solar Items

Alter Symbol - Lamp or Candle

Communion Symbol
- Heat

Archangel - Michael

Polarity - male Negative

Human Sense - Sight

Art Forms - Dance & Drama

Creatures - Lizard, Snake, Lion & Ram

Elemental Beings - Salamanders

- To Dare

Mythical Beast - Dragon & Phoenix

God Forms - Sun & Protector God

Meditation - Bonfires

Colours - Red & Orange

Instruments - Brass Instruments

Natural Symbols - Flame & Lava

Trees - Oak & Hawthorne

Minerals - Brass, Gold, Iron, Fire Opal, Garnet, Haematite, Red Jasper, Sardonyx, Flint, Pearl & Sapphire

Images & Themes - Flames, Volcanoes, Walking Through Fire

Incense- Frankincense, Cinnamon & Basil

Blessed Be

is an element associated with the west quarter. It is a symbol of regeneration, renovation, and dissolution. In occultism beings known as Undines are creatures of this element. Traditionally, the element of Water is associated with the colour green - in many modern Wiccan/Witchcraft Traditions the colour is blue.

In modern Wicca, Water is symbolized by the ritual tool known as the chalice. The chalice contains either water or wine that is used for ritual or magickal purposes. In astrology the zodiac signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are associated with the element of Water.

Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces are all of the Water Element.

Below is a table that gives you details on your Water Element.

Direction - West

Season - Autumn

Time of Day - Sunrise

Moon Phase - Full

Planets - Moon, Neptune & Venus

Magickal Tools - Chalice, Cauldron & Mirror

Alter Symbol
- Chalice

Communion Symbol - Wine & Water

Archangel - Gabriel

Polarity - Female Negative

Human Sense - Taste

Art Forms - Music & Song

Creatures - Cat, Frog, Turtle, Dolphin, Whale, Otter, Seal & Fish

Elemental Beings - Undines

Exhoration - To Know

Mythical Beast - Sea Serpent

Magickal Arts
- Healing

God Forms - Moon & Water Goddess

Meditation - The Ocean & Rivers

Colours - Blue, Turquoise & Green

Instruments - String Instruments & Bells

Natural Symbols - Shells, Water, River Plants & Water Cress

Trees - Willow, Alder & Ash

Herbs - Chamomile, Hops, Lemon Balm, Orris, Seaweeds & Yarrow

Incense - Jasmine & Rose

Minerals - Silver, Copper, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Tourmaline, Opal, Jade & Moon Stone

Images & Themes - Lakes, Pool, Living under the Water, Setting Sun, Night, Growth, Light & Life

Blessed Be

is commonly associated with mental activity and is considered masculine in nature. In modern Wicca/Witchcraft the magickal agent of the element of Air is symbolized by a ritual tool. Some traditions assign the wand to Air because it was once a branch moving in the wind. Other traditions assign the element of Air to the ritual blade because of the sound a blade can make when slicing the air.

Creatures known as Sylphs, a fairy-like race, symbolize the active magickal principle of elemental air. In a metaphysical sense, the colour of Air is blue and it is associated with the Eastern quarter. Some Wiccan Traditions associate Air with other directional quarters and other colours. In astrology, the zodiac signs Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini are associated with the element of Air.

In old occult lore it was believed that spirits and ghosts had the power to wrap themselves inside the wind, giving them the ability to become invisible. From this lore, we find other associations such as the presence of a ghost indicated by areas of cold air. Howling winds were believed to carry spirits of the night. Because of the association of air, sudden gusts of wind were attributed to spirits and poltergeists.

Gemini, Libra & Aquarius are all of the Air Element.

Below is a table that gives you details on your Air Element.

- East

Season - Spring

Time of Day - Dawn

Moon Phase - New

Planets - Sun, Mercury & Uranus

Magickal Tools - Athame, Sword & Wand

Alter Symbol - Incense

Communion Symbol
- Scent

Archangel - Raphael

Polarity - male Positive

Human Sense - Hearing & Smell

Art Forms - Poetry & Painting

Creatures - Birds, Bats & Winged Insects

Elemental Beings - Sylphs

- To Will

Mythical Beast - Winged Horse

Magickal Arts - Divination

God Forms - Sky & Weather God

Meditation - Sky & Clouds

Colours - Yellow, Blue & Violet

Instruments - Wind Instruments & Harp

Natural Symbols - Feathers, Incense, Smoke & Fragrant Flowers

Trees - Elder & Eucalyptus

Minerals - Mercury, Aventurine & Topaz

Images & Themes - Mountain Tops, Flying, Sunrise & The Sun At Noon

Blessed Be

is the element of form, binding, and manifestation. From an occult perspective, the element of Earth is the lowest in vibratory rate of the four elements. Most modern Witchcraft/Wiccan traditions consider Earth to be a feminine element.

Creatures known as Gnomes, a dwarf-like race, symbolize the active magickal principle of the elemental Earth. In a metaphysical sense, the colour of Earth is yellow, symbolizing its vitality, activated by the sun, and it is associated with the Northern quarter. Some Wiccan Traditions associate Earth with other directional quarters and other colours. As a magickal agent the element of Earth is symbolized by the ritual tool known as a pentacle. In astrology the zodiac signs Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus are associated with the element of Earth.

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are all of the Earth Element.

Below is a table that gives you details on your Earth Element.

- North

Season - Winter

Time of Day - Midnight

Moon Phase - Dark

Planets - Earth, Saturn

Magickal Tools - Pentagram, Stone, & Wand

Alter Symbol - Platter

Communion Symbol - Bread, Salt

- Uriel

Polarity - Female Positive

Human Sense - Touch

Art Forms - Sculpture, Embroidery

Creatures - Ox, Dog, Wolf, Goat, & Stag

Elemental Beings - Gnomes

Exhoration - To Keep Silent

Mythical Beast - Unicorn

Magickal Arts
- Talismans

God Forms - Earth & Underworld Goddess

Meditation - Fertile Landscape

Colours - Russet, Brown, Black, Olive, Green & Sometimes White

Instruments - Drums & Percussion

Natural Symbols - Fossils, Stones, Grains, Seeds, Salt & Earth

Trees - Cypress & Pine

Herbs - Pennyroyal, Lovage & Sage

Incense - Myrrh & Patchouli

Minerals - Lead & Emerald

Images & Themes - Caves, Rocks, Growing Organically, Moon & Stars

Blessed Be

meaning pure spirit is the fifth element. It is the subtle spiritual essence that pervades all space. It is not ether itself, but is an ether-like substance of a spiritual rather than material nature. Essentially, Akasha is to ether what spirit is to physical matter. In ancient writings, such as the Puranas, Akasha is said to operate through sound or vibration. Thus it is identified with the element of Air, and in a spiritual sense with the "breath of god" concept in ancient Hebraic texts. Where we read in the book of Genesis that the "spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters," we can see Akasha in action through motion. In occultism, Akasha is considered to be an indispensable element of each magickal act.

To move energy in a ritual, spell, or work of magick is to evoke Akasha. Akasha is an element of the kundalini force as well, lying latent at the base of all magickal operations. The power of Akasha, as it relates to kundalini, is an "occult electricity." This energy rises with our emotions and desires, and is the basis for fertility of mind, body, and spirit. It is the energy of motivation, passion, and determination.

On a larger scale, Akasha is one of the Tattvic Tides of occult philosophy, an energy form that is most active at sunrise. As one of the Tattvic Tides, Akasha emanates the power of spirit to harmonize the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The ancient myths of Western civilisation tell of a time when the chaos was brought into harmony by the intervention of spirit. This is the symbolism of the pentagram, the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water controlled by spirit. In ancient Roman mythology the four elemental winds were the gods Borus, Eurus, Notus, and Zephyrus. Above them was a higher god, Aeoulus, who kept watch over them.

Blessed Be
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Fire,Water,Air,Earth,Akasha/Spirit Element-put together by white trinity witch
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